📝 I asked as-Sheikh Abdullaah al Khowlani حفظه الله concerning the ruling of reciting verses from the Quran during the opening and commencement of Knowledge-based sittings, as well as general gatherings and events.

So he replied, may Allaah preserve him and raise his rank:


As for sittings, which comprise what the Quran forbids from things which are Haraam and from newly invented matters [innovations] and the likes of this, then it is not permissible [to open these sittings by reciting verses from the Quran], because that is considered to be degradation of the Quran and making mockery of it.

As for Sittings of Knowledge and Reminders and the likes of it from the affairs which are legislated, then there is no harm in it sometimes, for the reason that a narration was reported upon the Salaf [establishing it] as I have clarified in my book concerning “The Circles of Knowledge and their mannerisms”. As for being persistent upon it [opening sittings with recitation from the Quran] according to our knowledge there doesn’t exist proof for this and thus it isn’t legislated. And Allaah knows best.

[End of the Sheikh’s speech]

Translated by

Abu Mu’aawiyah Abdullah Hassan