What To Do If One Begins A Voluntary Prayer And Then The Iqamah Starts – Shaykh Muhammad Nasiruddin Al-Albani, Shaykh Bin Baz, Shaykh Muqbil Bin Hadi Al-Wadi’i, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen

Ash-Shaykh Albany rahimahullah was asked regarding a person who began a voluntary prayer and then iqamah started, what should the […]

How Many Times Should The Mu’awithaat (Last Three Chapters Of The Qur’aan) Be Read After The Maghrib And Fajr Prayer – Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Hizaam

بسم اللــــه الرحمـــــــــن الرحيم الســــــــؤال :- كم تُقرأ المعوِذات بعد صلاة المغرب والفجر ؟ الإجــــــــــــابة :- عقب كل صلاة تقرأ […]

When Should A Khutbah Be Translated When The Khateeb Is Speaking Only In Arabic – Shaykh Bin Baz, Shaykh Muqbil Bin Hadi Al-Wadi’i, Lajnah (Permanent Committee For Scholarly Research And Ifta’), And Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen

1. Shaikh Bin Baz rahimahullah mentions it can be given after the Khutbah. He was asked: Question: “What is the […]