Abul Hassan al-Ma’rabi – may Allaah guide us and him – stating that the salafis and ikhwanul Muslimeen in his sight are all from Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah and that they all agree on the fundamentals of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah.

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As well in a old press interview, Abul Hassan al-Ma’rabi mentioned:

كنت أناصحه وأحاوره وأناقشه حول هذه القضايا وكنت أبدي وجهة نظري حول بعض الطرح منه سواء كان طرحاً يتصل بجعله مسألة اجتهادية مسألة عقدية أو جعله مسألة راجعة إلى باب تقدير المصالح والمفاسد فيجعلها مما لا يُعْذر فيه المخالف وربما أستنكر منه بعض الألفاظ كقوله في يوسف القرضاوي (الكلب العاوي)

That he used to advise and debate with Shaykh Muqbil rahimahullah concerning these matters about saying they [i.e. Al-Ikhwanul Muslimeen] have errors which aren’t excusable. And that he used to criticize certain wordings from Ash-Shaykh Muqbil such as describing Qardaawi as “a barking dog”.

Unfortunately, the state of Abul Hassan al-Ma’rabi is that he has become a political activist busy with political groups and candidates for a few years now.

Since that time to now, the condition of Abul Hassan al-Ma’rabi has only worsen. In fact, some have proved that he had a role in the revolution in Egypt through his words about the concept about rebelling against an oppressive ruler. For that reason, a number of scholars have clarified his errors in aqeedah and manhaj as a means that people be wary of him.

Ash-Shaykh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhayli, hafidaho-Allah, mentioned [regarding him], “I haven’t found anyone [in this era] who has established more principles and foundations and doubts for the people of innovations.”

Ash-Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee hafidaho-Allah clarifies the common doubt that Ash-Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad hafidaho-Allah wrote his book “Let Ahlus Sunnah be Gentle with Each other” in defence of Abul Hassan al-Ma’rabi. Ash-Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee hafidaho-Allah responds by saying, “never, never, never”, and he went on to clarify that Ash-Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad hafidaho-Allah mentioned he wrote this book for his fellow salafis brothers amongst Ahlus Sunnah, not for other than them.

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Abul Hassan al-Ma’rabi, a man who was refuted on the terms of him having aqeedah errors, not only manhaj mistakes. Hence, we should be wary about taking knowledge from western speakers who cast doubts about the refutations on Abul Hassan al-Ma’rabi and say the affair was merely personal.

Abul-Hassan al-Ma’rabi is a member of two Islamic hizbs [i.e. parties], one in Yemen and another in Egypt. The common one which he openly ascribes to is Hizbu Nur. Thus to find a Western Da’ee say, “it has become clearer now that Abul Hassan isn’t a hizbi and the affair is merely personal” is really bizarre and strange since Abul Hassan is now openly announcing he is a member of the deviant Islamic Hizb called Hizbu Nur.

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AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr

I recall from the principles that the scholars refuted Abul Hassan al-Ma’ribi for is his invented methodology (المنهج الواسع الأفيح) of having a broad meaning for who is considered to be Salafi. We should know salafiyyah entails a heavy meaning. It is not for us to be lenient regarding it. (Originally related to the link here)