I used to visit the people of good and the ulema and the Mashaayikh, but sometimes I visited the homes of people of bidaa, and my intention for this is to call them to the path of happiness and to the path of the Sunna. Is there any sin in this?


“In the name of Allaah, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem, Al-Hamdolilah, and praise and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah and upon his family and companions and whoever follow his guidance. As for what follows, visiting the people of knowledge and Imaan from Ahul-Sunna wa Jamaa’at and visiting the brothers for Allaah is qurba (something that gets one closer to Allaah) and obedience. As for visiting the people of innovation, then visiting them is not permissible if done out of socializing and showing love and the likes of these. But if a student of knowledge visited them for giving a sermon and reminding and warning from the bidaa, this is (something that is) thanked and rewarded because this is from the matter of inviting to Allaah and from the matter of ordering the good and prohibiting the evil. So if you visited those who have with them something of innovation, you visited them for inviting to Allaah and advising and directing, then you are rewarded, and it is a must that you do not leave that if there was any benefit. But if they continued (upon innovation) and did not respond (to the advice) then abandon them.”

Translated by : Ali ibn Nathaniel Grays