Imam az-Zarkashi (may Allah have mercy upon him) quotes from Qaadi Abu Bakr bin al-Arabi in his book Qanoon at-Ta’weel that he said “the sciences of the Quran are 77450, according to the number of words in the Quran multiplied by four” [Iftaadatul-Qaari al-Mubtadi bi Talkhees Kitaab al-Burhaan fi Uloom al-Quran pg. 7]

He himself mentioned 47 types of sciences of the Quran in his book al-Burhaan fi Uloom al-Quran and then said:

“And know that there is not a type from these types except if a person wanted to carefully examine it, he would spend his entire life and he would not have not completed his affair” [ al-Burhaan (1/105)]

Imam as-Suyuti (may Allah have mercy upon him) mentioned 80 types and then said:

“So these are eighty types by way of combining/grouping [like sciences]. If I specified what I grouped together in consideration of what each includes, then it would reach three hundred [sciences]. Most of these types have separate works on them and I have found many of them” [al-Itqaan (1/52)]

In the work of Shaikh Adnan (may Allah preserve him) which we studied, he mentioned many of those types but not all of them. In sum, the sciences of the Quran and its types are very many.

And Allah knows

Faisal bin Abdul Qaadir bin Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan