Ash-Shaykh ‘Abdul-Hameed al-Hajuuree, حفظه الله, mentions in his book ‘Fathul Baari Ala Sharhis Sunnah Lil Barbahaaree’ the following points regarding the Khawaarij. I will just translate the points and not mention the details under them:

  1. Not befriending them nor loving them. Rather, it is obligatory to hate them.
  2. Not aiding them or helping them.
  3. Not sheltering them.
  4. Not being happy with them being aided, or them being in control.
  5. Aiding the Muslim Rulers in stopping the Khawaarij.
  6. Not having doubts in regards to the misguidance of the Khawaarij.
  7. Making Du’aa against them.
  8. Warning from the Khawaarij and their evil and clarifying that which they are upon from misguidance.
  9. Not having trust towards them nor their covenants.
  10. Not being misled by their claims and being mindful regarding their symbols.
  11. Raising their doubts and refuting it, and this is to be left to the scholars and the callers [du’aat].
  12. Being distant from their sittings and their places of doubts.
  13. Deceiving them and plotting against them.
  14. Prioritizing fighting them over fighting others.
  15. Protecting the residents from their evil and harms
  16. Striving to cause separation between them
  17. Warning from their evil before it occurs and spreading the Salafi ‘Aqeedah between the Muslims
  18. Not permitting them in opening their schools and institutes, and demolishing that which is connected to that
  19. Boycotting them
  20. Not aiding them in making apparent their symbols which are in opposition to the true Religion of Islaam
  21. They are not to be given any financial aid if they are persistent upon their falsehood

[Pgs 364-385]

In total, the Shaykh mentioned 26 points. How much are we in need of the likes of these points in these times of fitnah?

This is our stance towards ISIS and the likes of them from the foolish extreme groups, may Allah give them what they deserve and protect Islam and the Muslims from them.

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl