Some benefits in regards to Shaykh Allamah Hammad Al Ansaaree رحمه الله,

“1. I used to in my youthful days read and write until Fajr and I would not sleep except a little in the noon

2. I brought to the Islamic University (of Madina) 400 manuscripts, some of them in my writing

3. The books with me are more virtuous than the castles of the kings

4. With me is an Ijaaza in every knowledge, until even in engineering

5. I married while my age was 40 years old

6. The Sufiyya, their worship is play

7. The Sahaba never differed in Aqeedah ever, the differing only occurred after them

8. Indeed the meaning of Al-Jahiliyyah is that it is said, “It is the time period before the sending of Muhammad (ﷺ)”

9. The Rawafid they took their religion from the Jews, and their attacking of the companions is an attack on Islam

10. It is not found a prophet in the world, and who’s grave is known except the Prophet (ﷺ), and this is consensus between the Salaf

Allah knows best” End translation. [المجموع في ترجمة الشيخ حماد الانصاري]

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl