Imam Ibn baz was asked regarding a woman delaying her prayer and he answered as follows:

“There is no problem in delaying the prayer till the end of its time but the virtue is missed out on. If she performs it in the beginning of its time, it is more virtuous and greater in reward, but if the need calls to delaying it, then there is no problem with the condition that it be prayed in its time. She should strive to pray it [Thuhr] in its time before the entering of Asr. Similarly it is obligatory to perform every prayer in its time. However, performing it in the beginning of the time, then this is better and praying it in its middle time is better than its ending time. If she performs it in the ending of its time, there is no problem. If their is hardship upon her in performing it in the beginning of the time due to that which is said to her, the family that she is with, then there is no problem upon her. It is befitting for the family to encourage her to perform the prayer in its beginning time, and that they thank her for her concern for the prayer. The prayer’s time span is little and All praise is to Allah, there is no hardship in it. Thus what is legislated for everyone is that they pay concern to performing it in its beginning time and aiding one another in regards to that and they should aid her upon that. But if she delays it until she prays it in its ending time, then there is no problem along with complete concern in not delaying it until its last time. Thus she should be eager to perform it in its time. Yes.” End translation. [Reference]

He rahimahullah also said:

ولا يجوز تأخير صلاة العصر إلى أن تصفر الشمس لا للرجل ولا للمرأة، يجب على الرجل والمرأة أداء صلاة العصر قبل أن تصفر الشمس

“It is not permissible for the men nor women to delay the Asr prayer until the sun turns yellow. It is obligatory upon the men and women to perform the Asr prayer before the sun turns Yellow.” End translation. [Reference]

To add to this, it is well known that Asr has two times, a preferred time which is once Thuhr ends until the sun turns yellow, and a time of necessity which is until the sun sets. Thus if one is preoccupied and has a severe need and a legislated reason to delay it until before the sun sets, then the prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said:

“Whoever catches one rakah of Asr before the sun sets then he has caught Asr” [Al Bukhari and Muslim]

Allah knows best

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl