Here is a benefit regarding how to improve our memorization:

Imam Ibn Jawzi rahimahullah said:

“Fourth Chapter: In the Clarification of the Way to Obtain Accuracy in What is Memorized

The way to obtain accuracy in what is memorized is through a lot of repetition. The people vary in that: so from some of them is the one who establishes with him what is to be memorized with little repetition. And from them is the one who does not memorize except after a lot of repetition. It is necessary for a person to repeat after he memorizes in order to establish/affirm what he memorized.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

تعاهدوا القرآنَ فإنه أشدُّ تفصِّيَّا من صدورِ الرجالِ من النعمِ من عُقُلِها

Review the Quran, for it is more apt to escape from men’s minds than a hobbled camel

[This wording is reported by Ahmad (6/48) with a Saheeh chain. It has an origin in the Saheehayn]

Abu Ishaaq ash-Shiraazi (may Allah have mercy upon him) used to repeat a lesson one hundred times. If he was chewing/using resin, he would review it for seventy times.

Al- Hasan Ibn Abu Bakr an-Naysaaboori (may Allah have mercy upon him) said to us: “The jurist (Faqih) does not attain memorization until he repeats fifty times”

Al-Hasan quoted for us that: a jurist used to repeat a lesson in his house many times. So an old women told him in his house: verily I have memorized it now [i.e. due to his excessive repetition]. So he said: ‘repeat it, so she repeated it’. Some days after, he said: ‘O old woman, repeat for me that lesson’. She said: I forgot it. He said: Verily, I repeat what is memorized so that I am not afflicted with what you were afflicted with”

[Al-Hath ‘ala Hifdh al-‘Ilm (pg.43-44)]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan