Forgotten Sunnah

A rarely known Sunnah amongst the Muslims, yet part of the practice of our beloved Prophet, ﷺ. This forgotten Sunnah is revived by our beloved Shaykh Muqbil ibn Haadee al-Waadi’ee, رحمه الله.

It is reported by al-Husayn ibn ‘Alee, رضي الله عنهـما, that he said:

“My father ‘Alee called me to bring (water for) Wudhu, so I brought it to him, and he started by washing his hands three times before putting them into the water. Then he rinsed his mouth three times and sniffed water into his nose and blew it out three times. Then he washed his face three times, then his right hand up to the elbow three times, (and) then his left likewise. Then he wiped his head once, then he washed his right foot up to the ankle three times, then the left likewise.

Then he stood up and said: ‘Pass me the vessel.’ So I passed the vessel containing the remaining water for his Wudhu to him, and he drank from it standing up. I was surprised, and when he noticed that, he said: ‘Do not be surprised, for I saw your father, the Prophet, ﷺ, doing what you have seen me doing.’ (referring to his Wudhu and drinking the leftover water while standing).”

[An-Nasaa’ee. Graded ‘Saheeh’ by Shaykh Muqbil, رحمه الله, in his ‘Al-Jaami’ as-Saheeh mima laysa fi saheehayn’, Chapter: Drinking the leftover water of the ablution, 1/515]