Does referring to the Prophet salallahu ‘alayhi was salaam as “master” exceed any limits in his status?


Shaikh Bin Baz rahimahullah mentions that it is allowed to call the Prophet (ﷺ)  master (السيد ) because he is the master of mankind by consensus. Then he mentioned the Hadith:

أنا سيد ولد آدم يوم القيامة ولا فخر

I am the master of the children Adam on the Day of Judgement and I am not proud/arrogant

[Saheeh Tirmidhi no. 3615]

So he said there is no harm in calling him this. However, there is also the Hadith of

Abdullah ibn Abdullah ibn ash-Shikhkhir radiallahu anahu who said:

انطلقتُ في وفدِ بَني عامرٍ إلى رسولِ اللَّهِ صلَّى اللهُ علَيهِ وسلَّمَ فقلنا أنتَ سيِّدُنا فَقالَ السَّيِّدُ اللَّهُ تبارَكَ وتعالى

“I went with the delegation of Bani ‘Amir to the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ). So we said: You are our Master (السيد ). He said: Allah is the Master (السيد ), the Exalted…”

[Saheeh Sunan Abi Dawood no. 4806 and others]

Shaikh Bin Baz rahimahullah said he said that out of humility and fear that they will go into extremes regarding him and fall into Shirk. Otherwise, it is allowed to use the term Master (السيد ) for the Prophet  (ﷺ) and other than him. This is a summary of the Shayk’s opinion found here. And Allah Knows Best.

Answered by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan