Ash-Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmi, may Allah have mercy upon him, was asked the following question,

Some of the youth unfortunately are ignorant of the conditions of those who have deviated, to the degree (that) some of them began not to accept the tapes of raduud or show no attention to this topic (of refutations) due to the claim ” seek knowledge, seek knowledge” (saying this since they claim that this is) because the speech against the people of falsehood preoccupies one from studying. So what is your comment on this, may Allah bless you?”

الجواب :الذي يقول هذا جاهل ومعرفة أهل البدع هذا من طلب العلم من طلب العلم أن تعرف أهل البدع وتحذرهم

The one who says this is ignorant. Knowing the people of innovations is from seeking knowledge. It is from seeking knowledge to know ahlul bid’a and to beware of them.

Also Ash-Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmi rahimahullah, was asked the following question,

33 : بعض طلبة العلم الصغار ؛ أشغلوا أنفسهم بالكلام عن الحزبيين , وجعلوا ذلك من جل أوقاتهم , وضيعوا طلب العلم الذي ينفعهم عند ربهم , والذي يبين لهم الخبيث من الطيب ؛ حتى يعرفوا ما عند الحزبيين من أخطاء ؛ بل ما أصبح همهم إلا ( ما رأيك في فلان ؟ وما رأيك في فلان ؟ ) وأصبحت غالب جلساتهم في هذا الشأن ؛ حتى أنهم يتهمون الناس جزافاً . فما هي نصيحتكم لهؤلاء الشباب , وحثهم على الاهتمام بالعلم الشرعي الذي يحصنهم من البدع ؟

Some of the small students of knowledge have busied themselves in speaking about the people of hizbiyyah and have made that take from most of their time, and have wasted the act of seeking knowledge, which will benefit them in the sight of their Lord. (And it is that) which will clarify for them the filthy from the pure, so that they come to know what the people of hizbiyyah possess with them of errors. Rather (it is the case that) their main concern has become ‘what is your opinion on so-and-so?’ and ‘what do you see pertaining to so-and-so?’, and the majority of their sittings have become regarding this issue. (It has become) so much that they have began to accuse people without having understanding, so what is your advice for these youth and your encouragement for them in giving importance to beneficial knowledge which will protect them from innovations?”

الجواب : الحقيقة : أن المبالغة في هذه الأمور التي تخرج بطالب العلم عن نطاق الحق إلى الجدل وتضييع الوقت في الكلام الذي لا ينتج عنه فائدة ؛

“In reality, being excessive in these matters (is an affair) which removes the student of knowledge from the frame of being upon the truth to argumentation, and to wasting one’s time in speech of which there is no benefit produced by it”

بل يكون الإنسان يدور في حلقة مفرغة , فهذا لا ينبغي بل يجب على طالب العلم ؛ أن يستغل وقته في طاعة الله سبحانه وتعالى , وفي البحث عن العلم وحضور الحلقات ,

“Rather to the extent (that) the person will constantly remain in circles void of benefit. This is not appropriate. Rather, it is a must upon the student of knowledge that he takes advantage of his time in the obedience of Allah, subhaanahu wa ta’aala, and in searching for knowledge, and in attending the lessons”

ولا بأس أن يسمع التحذير منهم وبيان صفاتهم حتى يحذرهم ؛ أما لو أننا جعلنا كل أوقاتنا في الكلام فيهم , ولا نشتغل بطلب العلم الذي ينفعنا , فهذا لاشك أنه خطأ كبير وخطأ عظيم .

“And it is okay for him to listen to the warning against them (i.e. the people of hizbiyyah) and to the clarification of their descriptions in order that he can be aware of them. As for if we were to make all of our time in speaking about them (i.e. the people of hizbiyyah), and we don’t busy ourselves with seeking knowledge which will benefit us, (then) this with no doubt is a major and great error”

تسعة وأربعون فتوى في المنهج أجاب عليها : فضيلة الشيخ احمد بن يحيى النجمي – رحمه الله تعالى –

Reference : Fatwa number 49 in manhaj which was answered by Ash-Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmi, rahimahullah.

May Allah protects us from being extreme and from being too lenient.