Shaykh Sulaymaan Ar-Ruhaylee said:

As for the second matter, a question had come to me on the phone yesterday, in reality it saddened me, whilst seeking to be excused from the Questioner. And that is because the questioner asked me regarding a scholar from the scholars of the nation. Is he from the considered scholars? The questioner asked about The Shaykh, The Haafith Muqbil Ibn Hadee Al Wadiee.

The questioner asked: Is he from the considered scholars of the nation and it made me very said that we are asked about the scholars whom knowledge and being upright upon the sunnah has been bore witness for them and they passed away and that was known from them.

Shaykh Muqbil Ibn Hadee al Wadiee, he is from the great scholars of the nation. And I consider him from those who strived in the path of Allah, May allah have mercy upon him. Whereas he spread the blessed Salafi Dawah in the different places of Yemen and he strived in that a great Striving whilst exonerating Tawheed and honouring its people and exonerating the Sunnah, defending it and its people.

Goodness was clear in his knowledge reaching many lands of the Muslims, may Allah have mercy on him.

I say oh brothers, it’s not befitting for us to ask about those scholars [whom] the matter is affirmed by the praise of Allah and it’s not befitting that any time a man speaks about one our great scholars whom goodness and Sunnah has been bore witness for that we ask similar to myself about that scholar.

Rather, we should know directly the speech of that speaker is rejected upon him whether he is seeking the truth or not and we acknowledge for those scholars their status.

Similar to this speech from myself and similar to me isn’t a praise for the scholar, for we are lesser than to give tazkiyah to the scholars. Rather, it is a praise of a student upon a shaykh

If the scholars are praised, it doesn’t mean they are infalliable as some people think. Rather, the scholar, his mistake is rejected upon him. But, his mistake is the mistake of a scholar who is seeking the truth and spreading it

It is said he made a mistake in such by way of the proof or a foundation he built it upon whilst knowing the status of this scholar.

This is a matter I wanted to indicate towards so that we may have manners in reality.

That We have manners with our scholars…..


Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl