Question: What is the ruling on holding a celebration when a child completes the Quran for the first time. The celebration usually includes calling people over for dinner and sometimes gifts are presented to the child in this gathering.

I was also told that Umar radhiallahuanhu did something similar for one of his children when they finished their Quran for the first time. Is there any truth to this?

Answer: The narration from Umar that he slaughtered a camel after finishing the Quran is Daif as mentioned in Shu’ab al-Imaan of Bayhaqi. And there are similar narrations from the Salaf about giving others sweets and nuts upon their children’s completion of the Quran. They are mentioned by Ibn Abi Dunya rahimahullah in Kitab al-‘Eyaal and all the narrations are weak or are not free from defects. And Allah knows best.

Although the Lajnah passed the fatwa that it is allowed to have a celebration for the memorization of the Quran as a form of encouragement.

~ Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan