Ash-Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan, hafidahullah, was asked the following,


“What is the ruling on making a call for the night prayer during Ramadan by saying ‘Salaatul Qiyaam athaabakumullah’? Please clarify the ruling for us and may Allah reward you with good.”


“This has no basis for it [from the Deen]. This is an act of innovation. It is not permitted to make a call for the night prayer during Ramadan, no matter what words are used. This is not permissible.”


Ash-Shaykh Bin Baz, rahimahullah, was asked the following question,

سماحة الشيخ! الذين ينادون في صلاة العيد وفي صلاة الاستسقاء بقولهم: الصلاة جامعة، هل عليهم في ذلك من شيء؟


Oh eminent Shaykh, in relation to those who make a call for the eid prayer and the rain prayer by saying: “as-Salaatu Jaami’ah”, would they be committing anything wrong by doing so?

الجواب: لا نعلم لهذا أصلاً، والذي ينبغي تركه؛ لأنه في الحد الشرعي من البدع، فلا ينبغي أن يقال: الصلاة جامعة، ولا صلاة العيد، ولا صلاة التراويح، كل هذا لا ينبغي، إنما يقال هذا في صلاة الكسوف: الصلاة جامعة فقط،جاء في الحديث الصحيح عن رسول الله ﷺ: أنه أمر أن ينادى …. الصلاة جامعة هذا خاص بالكسوف. نعم.


We do not know of any basis for this [action] and what is more appropriate is that it be left off since it falls islamically under what is defined as an innovation. Therefore, it is not appropriate to say ‘as-Salaatu Jaami’ah’, whether it be for the Eid prayer or for the Taraweeh prayer. This is all inappropriate. Rather, saying ‘as-Salaatu Jaami’ah’ is only said for the eclipse prayer. It has been reported in an authentic hadith that the Prophet (ﷺ) ordered that the wording ‘as-Salaatu Jaami’ah’ be called out and this was specific to the eclipse [prayer].”

End. [Reference]

Translated by

AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr