Shaykh Saadiq Al-Bayti was asked:


Those whom listen to the lectures and sermons of the Hizbees (partisan ones) will they be rewarded?


They will not be rewarded and it’s feared upon them that this is a sin.

Our Shaykh Yahya Al Hajooree May Allah preserve him said:

I advise the Muslims to distance themselves from the tapes of the people of innovation, whether it be the tapes of the Shia, Sufis, the people of partisanship or the rest of the people of desires.

Thus, it is obligatory to stay away from their tapes, and we said it’s obligatory because everything which is a means to trials, then it (itself) is a trial. Also, that which is a means to something prohibited, then it (itself) is prohibited. Even if there be in some of it something from the truth, it is (still) mixed with falsehood.

Then he, may Allah preserve him, said:

Know that Allah has given the people of desires quarrelling and perhaps they may be afflicted with eloquent speech. Perhaps you may even find from them seeking the truth, and that they want the truth in this matter and that we will do and we will do… and they are liars.

Thus the one who listens to that speech or reads it may be affected by them, and perhaps a doubt from a misguided person may not leave your heart until you pass away…To the end.

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl