Ash Shaykh Zayd Al Wasaabee mentioned regarding where a woman stands if she is leading women in prayer:

“What is closer [to being correct] is the statement of the majority [that she stands amongst them in the row], following the narration of Aisha and Umm Salamah, May Allah be pleased with them both. If she steps forward [to lead them by standing in front of them] as Ibn Hazm said, then it isn’t rejected upon her due to the non existence of that which prevents that, and Allah knows best”

Side note:

The narration of Aisha Radiallahu Anhaa is that when she used to lead the women, she would stand with them in the row. And similar has come from Umm Salamah Radiallahu Anhaa and both of them are Hassan [good narrations] mentioned by Shaykh Zayid, may Allah preserve him.

[Miskul Khitaam 1/332 – 333]

Translated by

Majeed Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl