In regards to clothing with pictures or logos in which the facial features are not clear, then some Scholars have mentioned that such images are allowed.

Shaikh Ibn ul-‘Uthaymeen rahimahullah:

“As for the issue of cotton, that which has a picture which is not clear on the fabric, that has limbs, a head, and a neck, however there is no face and nose, then there is no harm. This is because it does not resemble the creation of Allah”.

[Majmoo’ al-Fatawa wa-Rasail (12/338)]

Examples nowadays include the Jordan logo and the new Ralph Lauren polo logo, which both do not have facial features on the symbol. They are only heads, a body, and limbs.

Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbad hafidhuhallah was asked:


Some pictures or illustrations are black like a shadow and they don’t have the characteristics of a clear picture. Is this allowed?


“There is not in it a clear picture. It is only the shape of a head and other than it. It is like something that is obliterated. Like something that is wiped/obliterated”

[Sharh Sunan Ibn Majah no. 260]

This is based on the argument that removing the facial features is from obliterating.

Abul-Hasan as-Sindhi rahimahullah mentioned in the explanation of the following Hadith:

‎أن لا تدع صورة إلا طمستها، ولا قبرًا مشرفًا إلا سويته

Spare no portrait unwiped out, and leave not a high grave un-levelled

[Saheeh Muslim]

“Erase it by cutting of its head or changing its faces and the likes” [Hashiyaat as-Sindhi (4/89)]

This Hadith is also in Ibn Majah. So some Scholars come from that angle

However, what is correct is to avoid such logos and images because the head is intact. And so it is considered from the pictures that possess souls. Shaikh Muhammad ibn Hizam hafidhuhallah ruled that pictures like these [like stickmen] are not permissible as seen here.

So it is best to avoid such logos and images.

And Allah knows Best

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan