Shaikh al-Albani rahimahullah said:

“Know there is not a Hadith about standing and eating other than this munkar narration. Rather it is authentic from Anas radiallahu anhu that he said, ‘It is worse and more filthy than standing and drinking.’ The Prophet sallahu alayhi wa salam prohibited as in Saheeh Muslim and others. It’s Takhreej has preceded in the first volume of Ahaadith as-Saheeha no. 166 and after it two other Hadith that indicate the prohibition to return there. If you know this, then the disbelievers have innovated in this contemporary time, due to arrogance from them and pride, eating together standing along with the ability to sit on seats. Many affluent Muslims have imitated them in that or those who do not have knowledge and not holding on to the religion nor its rulings. The Sunnah is to eat sitting on the floor or on chairs. As for eating standing, then it is the Sunnah of the disbelievers and we have been prohibited to imitate them. We have been ordered to oppose them even in what is not from their making and their choosing. As is clarified at the end of my book Jilbab Mar’atul-Muslimah, eating and walking is not from this because it is a regular need as its clarification will come in the Hadith of Ibn Umar inshallah

[Silsilatud-Daifiah no. 6514]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan