Shaikh Abu Ammar Yasir al-‘Adani (may Allah preserve him) was asked:


What is the ruling on Whatsapp for women and what is your statement about women making a group among themselves?


“If it is something family-oriented, for example a sister with her sisters, and they hold fast to this affair and they do not add anyone who they do not know, there is no harm in that. As for expanding the door, then no. Do not participate with someone who you do not know. Do not participate in such groups. O my Brothers, by Allah, I want to send a message which I want the brothers to understand. Some brothers create a group and then enter the number of Abu Ammar [that is the Shaikh’s Kunyah] and so and so immediately. Group so and so, the Supporters of the Sunnah group, the overpowering Raafidi group etc. Why should we enter them? They say come join and they encourage it. Alright understand. It is necessary to seek permission. Like this now, you can take Abu Ammar’s number and he can join any group. I do not participate in any group. Not in a family-oriented group nor a group from Ahlul-Sunnah nor any group. I am sufficed with specific messages [to me]. By Allah I receive about 200 messages everyday! However, I should not be held to be wrong when I am sent a long question and I just write: “No”. That is if it is asked what is the ruling on such and such, I respond with just: “No or Yes”. Someone may say I became fatigued after writing twenty lines, and Abu Ammar’s response was just: “Yes”.

There are other messages [I have] which others will benefit from. So I hope my brothers have manners and if they wish to add anyone to a group, they should seek permission [first]. It should not be that everyone who scratches their head makes his own group. Also, do not speak with the name Ahlul Sunnah. I advise my brothers, and I advised them with this before, not to expand this door. At times, those who participate in the group are not upon our methodology. You can see this in some stances. Something occurs and then this person puts a comment that surprises you. At times he may discuss an issue or fitnah which ended tens of years ago and he wishes to defend and raise a doubt. He may say: “Why is this? When Shaikh so and so praised him” etc. I hope my brothers will purify their ranks and decrease the amount of their participants and not expand this door”

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan