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Ash-Shaykh Albany, rahimahullah, speaks regarding wearing caps (baseball caps):

فالقبعة هذه هي شعار للكفار، فإذا وضعها المسلم على رأسه يكون قد تشبه في أبرز صفة أو زي خاص بالكفار، فلا يبقى هنا شك عند من كان على علم بهذا الحديث وأمثاله، أن هذا التزين وهذا اللباس لا يجوز؛ لأن هذا المسلم الذي نفترضه تقبع -إذا صح التعبير- بهذه القبعة، وأخذ يمشي بين المسلمين وهي عليه، لا شك أنه بذلك قد ضيع شخصيته المسلمة، ولازم ذلك أنه فك الرباط الوثيق الذي بينه وبين إخوانه المسلمين، ويستلزم من ذلك أن له حقوقاً عليهم كما أن لهم حقوقاً عليه قد ضيعها بفعله هذا،

Therefore, this cap is a symbol for the kuffar. So, if a muslim were to put it over his head, then indeed he has imitated one of the most apparent aspects or fashion which is specific to the kuffar. Thus, there is no doubt that remains with a person who possesses knowledge of this hadeeth and its likes that this fashion and clothing is not permissible since if this Muslim supposedly wore the cap and began to walk in the midst of the Muslims while wearing it, then with no doubt by that he has lost his Muslim personality and that necessitates that he has broke the bond between him and his Muslim brothers. And what is incumbent from that is he has rights over them as they have rights over him which he has lost due to this action of his.

فنحن نذكر جيداً قول النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: (حق المسلم على المسلم خمس) فذكر أول ما ذكر فقال: (إذا لقيته فسلم عليه) فهذا حينما تلقاه في الطريق وقد تزيا بهذا الزي، لا يتبادر ولا يخطر في بالك إطلاقاً أن هذا الذي مر بك أو مررت به هو رجل مسلم له هذه الحقوق،

So we clearly recall the statement of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa salam: (the right of the Muslim upon the Muslim is five). So (looking at his hadith), the first thing he mentioned was that (when you meet him to give him salaams), hence this (person) when you encounter him in the pathway while he is wearing this fashion, it won’t come to your mind at all that the one who just passed by you or the one who you passed by was a muslim who possesses these rights.

وإنما تظنه من أولئك الكفار (جورج) أو نحو ذلك، ولا تندفع بإلقاء السلام عليه، وذلك من واجبه عليك؛ لأنك مسلم وهو مسلم، لكن الفرق أنه ضيع شخصيته المسلمة بلباسه هذا -لباس الكفار- فمنع رحمة الله عنه ” ..

Rather, you only assume he is from those kuffar, George (i.e so-and-so) or similar to that who you wouldn’t put yourself forward to give salaams (to) although that is obligatory upon him (to give him salaams) because you are a muslim and he is a muslim. However, the difference is that he lost his Muslim personality by wearing this – the clothing of the kuffar – therefore he was deprived from the mercy of Allah (i.e. in being given the salaams)… ”

Reference: Tape “Not Blind-following and Imitating the Kuffar”

Translated by

AbdulFattaah bin Uthman
Abu Fajr