Oh Virtuous Shaikh, What is the ruling on a person in ‘Itikaf calling on a cell phone inside the Masjid haram and charging it using the electricity of the haram?

This is a precise issue. As for speaking on a cell phone in the Haram, then there is no harm in it. It is like you speaking to your friend who is next to you in the Haram. So you speak on your cell phone to the one who calls you like the way you speak to the one next to you. However, with the condition that the reception on the cell phone is not weak so that you have to raise your voice, which will disturb the people. If the reception is strong and you speak through the cell phone to the one who calls you without disturbing others, then there is no harm.

However, there is another disturbance from the telephone and it is the notification of the telephone; the ringing of the cell phone. So like that, it it necessary for a person to decrease the ringing as much as he can so as not to disturb the people. Then, he should not place the cell phone in front of the people or the row while it is on its back. Do you know what placing the phone on its stomach means (i.e. face down)? This is because if it is placed on its back and a call comes, the notification will be apparent. People’s concentration in prayer is little and if a person sees someone speaking on a cell phone in front of him, he will turn his neck towards the cell phone and be heedless of the prayer. So if you have a cell phone, then you either place it in your pocket or in front of the people if you want; however, it should be face down not on its back.

As for charging the cell phone in the Haram, then this is a very good, important question. However, it should be returned to those who are responsible for the Haram. Ask those who are responsible for the Haram: do you allow me to charge my cell phone with the electricity of the Haram or not? The answer is with them.

[The Questioner then asks about the ruling of one who is in ‘Itikaf using the cell phone]

No, the question was about using the cell phone in the Masjid. As for the person in ‘Itikaaf, then it is well-known that the one who is ‘Itikaaf should be busy with drawing near to Allah, obedience, and worship. He should not speak a lot with a cell phone or without a cell phone. Yes”

[Fatwaa al-Haram ul-Makki 1428 no. 15 side B]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan