Shaikh Abdurahman Ibn Nasir al-Barak was asked the following question:


Oh our beloved Shaikh, May Allah be good to you, forgive you your sins, and increase your life. It has emerged in Britain a clothing in the markets which has the symbols of Buddhism. On this clothing is a picture of Buddha and above it is written, ‘True religion.’ So does the one who wears this clothing disbelieve along with knowing what is on it? May Allah bless you oh our Shaikh and may Allah reward you with Jannatul-Firdaws  al-‘ala.


All praise is due to Allah and may peace and blessings be upon the one whom there will be no Prophet after. As for what follows:

Wearing these clothing is unlawful and buying/selling it is unlawful. The one who wears it is in danger of falling into disbelief if he knows what the pictures symbolize and he knows what is written above it and then he does not care. However, the one wearing it may be influenced to be feel amazed about what is printed on it or its form. So the affair is very dangerous. So upon this, it is obligatory to teach the one wearing it, if he is ignorant, and detest it and make severe the issue in that. The one selling it is more deserving of detestation and severity. Whoever is able to destroy the picture and the writing by cutting the picture or burning the clothing, then it is obligatory upon him that, unless that will cause fitnah. So then, he restricts to detesting with speech [only]. So in this occasion, we advise our brother Muslims to be alert when buying clothing or other than it which has symbols and writings on it. Sometimes, it can be a call to false religions, or carry an evil meaning, or mockery of the Muslims or their religion, or call to wickedness. So like that, it is emphasized that the businessmen of the Muslims be alert of the merchandise which is imported so not to have the likes of that. We ask Allah to honor His religion and support His allies and their is no strength nor might except with Allah, the All-High and All-Mighty.

Written by Abdurahman Ibn Nasir al-Barak 16 Shawwal 1436 H”


Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan