Is there Tasbeeh, Tahmeed, and Takbir after the voluntary Prayer?


Eagerness for that is not legislated. Tasbeeh and Tahmeed in all other times without restriction is recommended. It is not necessary to specify them after voluntary prayers like Duha, Qiyam ul-Lail, and other than that of the voluntary prayers. The remembrances are only after the obligatory prayers as is established in the Saheeh with the wording:

دبر كل صلاة مكتوبة

After every obligatory Prayer

[Reported by al-Bukhari no. 844 from Mughirah ibn Shu’ba and it is his wording. Also reported by Muslim no. 593 and no. 596 from Ka’b ibn ‘Ujrah]


Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan