Shaykh Ali At-Tuwayjiree was asked,


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته شيخ أحسن الله إليكم. نحن في الغرب خاصة في أمريكا وعندنا مظاهرات. رجل أسود أمريكي قتل بأيد الشرطة بغير حق وبسبب العنصورية فالشعب قد قاموا بالمظاهرات يطلبون العدالة والتغير من الدولة. ما حكم مشاركة المسلمين المواطنين بهذه المظاهرات ؟ هل مشاركتهم حرام في الشريعة ؟ هل على المسلمين المواطنيين أن يجتنبوا عن هذه المظاهرات ويلتزموا بالبيوت ؟ نحتاج الى البيان والتوضيح من أهل العلم. بارك الله فيكم

“We are in America and there are protests [occurring]. A black American man was killed by the police without any due right but [rather] due to racism. The people have established protests seeking justice and change from the government. What is the ruling on the Muslims who are residing there to take place in these protests? Is it prohibited by way of the legislation? Is it upon the Muslims to stay away from these protests and to stick to their homes? We are in need of clarification from the people of knowledge. May Allah bless you.


“Protesting is not permissible and it is not permissible for a Muslim to establish it nor take part in it. [However] it is permissible for him to seek his rights through known routes. As for protesting, then no. Protesting is evil [since it is a means of] putting pressure on the government by way of a lot of people. It could be that the act that the government has committed is evil like this one [the killing of George Floyd], but tomorrow there will be protest to stop Islam while [it should be known that] the disbelievers are more. They will say “establish protests”, “prevent people from the Masaajid”, “do such and such”. It is a sword which has two sharp ends. The legislation has come with giving those of due right their right [by way of] calling to it and making good apparent and repelling evil, wherever it may be. The scholars have mentioned that it is not permissible to take part in protests, the likes of Shaykh Ibn Baaz, Shaykh Al Uthaymeen, Shaykh Al Albani, Shaykh Al Fawzaan and other than them from the people of knowledge”.


Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Aisha