Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abbaad was asked:


“What is the ruling on withdrawing money from an ATM machine knowing that some banks charge four riyaals for withdrawing 1000 riyaals?”


“If the riyaals are taken in exchange for facilitation [of the service], then there is no harm. This is because these means allow a person to withdraw money night and day and in anytime. So him paying an amount of money in exchange for this card in order to gain what he wants in any time he wills, this is an apparent benefit. There is no harm in the means which leads to reaching the benefit. This card has value in terms of withdrawing money at any time, so the value is considerable and correct. There is no harm in this”. End translation. [Sharh Sunan Abi Dawood no. 189]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan