The Salaat in a case where the first row is cut off by the minbar [i.e. the pulpit] is still valid though it is something prohibited and should be avoided if possible since the Sahaabahs used to dislike praying between the pillars of the masjid being that the rows would become cut off from one another.

Ash-Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad, may Allaah preserve him, was asked the following question:

ما حكم الصلاة في الصفوف المقطوعة؟


What is the ruling on praying in rows which are cut off from one another?

تصح الصلاة ، ولكن قطع الصفوف يحصل به الإثم؛ لأن التسوية مطلوبة وقطعها يحصل الإثم لمن كان سبباً في ذلك أو حصل منه ذلك


“The Salaah is valid. However, cutting the rows from one another is a sin since the alignment [of the rows] is something demanded and cutting them off is a sin for the one who is a cause of it or for the one who committed it…” [Listen / Download]

Ash-Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan, may Allaah preserve him, said:

… ينبغي إذا كان المسجد واسعا أن يتأخر الإمام حتى يكون الصف الذي خلفه متصلا بعضه ببعض غير مفصول بالمنبر فأما إذا لم يمكن كأن كان العدد كثيرا ولا بد من تقدم الإمام فحينئذ يكون قطع الصف بالمنبر لحاجة ولا بأس به

“… What is appropriate is that if the masjid is spacious, the Imam should move back so that the row behind him is joined together and not separated by the minbar… As for if that isn’t possible such as if there is a great number [of people praying in the mosque] and it is necessary for the Imam to move forward, then in this case the row will become cut off by the minbar for a necessity, [thus] there is no harm in it.”


A Suggestion:

Al-Imaam Albany, rahimahullah, said:

… فعليه أن يحاول الصلاة في الصف الأول عن يسار المنبر و ألا يصف على يمين المنبر لأن هذا الصف منقطع…

“… It is upon him to make an effort to perform the salah in the first row on the left side of the minbar. And he shouldn’t make a row on the right side of the minbar since that will be a row which will be disconnected… ”


Translated by

AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr