Imam al-Munawi rahimahullah said:

فيندب النظر في المرآة والحمد على حسن الخلق والخلقة لأنهما نعمتان يجب g الشكر عليهما

“So it is recommended to look at a mirror and praise Allah for good character and physical features because both are blessings from Allah which are obligatory to be grateful for”

[Fayd-Qadir (5/164)]

Imam as-San’aani rahimahullah said:

وفيه أن النظر فيها سنة وأما وقت النظر فلم يذكر هل في كل يوم وفي أي حين منه والظاهر أنه عند الخروج إلى أصحابه أول النهار، وكان ابن عمر يكثر النظر في المرآة

“In the Hadith is evidence that looking at the mirror is Sunnah. As for the time of looking, it is not mentioned if it is everyday or anytime. What is apparent is that it is when exiting to his Companions in the beginning of the day. And Ibn Umar radiallahu anhumma used to look at the mirror a lot..”

[Tanweer Sharh Jami’ as-Sagheer (8/454)]

Although the Hadith in referrence is weak and it cannot be said it is a Sunnah, it is allowed and some of the Companions like Ibn Umar radiallahu anhumma used to look at it a lot. So there is nothing wrong with that.

And Allah Knows Best

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan