Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen was asked:


There has been an emergence, and we ask Allah that it not be a lot, however we want the cure for it before it spreads. It is the emergence of regression/deterioration after adhering to the religion. A youth is with the youth and sometimes memorizes something from the Quran and attends something from the lessons of Knowledge. However, then his conditions changes to bad [in terms of treating] his previous classmates or his family or within the neighborhood masjid. So what is your advice for him and the likes of him? What is obligatory upon the one who knows his condition?


“First: I see that this is from pessimism. I mean the statement: that many regress/deteriorate or it has increased or the likes of this. I see many of the youth, and all praise is due to Allah, starting to hold fast to the religion. Those who regressed had something in themselves before the regression/deterioration . However, they did not check and they [then] regressed. However, they are few in number, and all praise is due to Allah. Most of the youth are upon steadfastness and no doubt regression/deterioration has its means. From the greatest of its means is what is found in the satellite channels which we ask Allah, the Exalted, in this place for the government to eliminate them until it [the land] is safe and until it is settled. For we do not see anything greater for the stability [of a land] than the veneration of Allah, the Exalted and staying far away from the prohibitions. If the people apply the Legislation, then this is safety/peace. The one who does not [allow for] safety/peace except out of fear of the ruler, then his safety is weak and he will seize an opportunity [to create harm/instability]. However, if his safety is based on Iman, then this is what will remain.

These satellite channels, no doubt, remove the Iman, remove the good character, and in them is the calamities which pain the hearts. There are things that you hear from them that even the animals do not do, and in Allah refuge is sought. Competition for betrayal, prostitution, foolishness, and things which grey the hair on the head. They make the child grey-haired. If the youth watch the likes of this, then there is no blame connected to them if they regress, and in Allah refuge is sought. However, there is no excuse for them – the youth – because it is obligatory upon the youth to boycott them [i.e. satellite channels], not sit in front of them, and not speak about them. This is obligatory. However, along with that, we ask Allah, the Exalted to unleash the government on these satellite channels and to absolutely prohibit them. For Allah that is not hard and they [the government], inshallah, are able to do this and we hope that they will”


Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan