Al-Imam an-Nawawee, rahimahullah, said:

ومن النصيحة أن تضاف الفائدة التي تُستغرب إلى قائلها ، فمن فعل ذلك بورك له في علمه وحاله

From naseehah (i.e. sincerity) is to ascribe the unique points of benefits to its author. Whosoever does so will become blessed in his knowledge and in his affairs

، ومن أوهم ذلك وأوهم فيما يأخذه من كلام غيره أنه له : فهو جدير أن لا ينتفع بعلمه ، ولا يبارك له في حال ،

nd whoever is deceptive concerning that and misleads (the people claiming) that what he has took from the speech of others belongs to him, then he deserves that his knowledge is not benefited from and for him to not become blessed in any of his affairs.

ولم يزل أهل العلم والفضل على إضافة الفوائد إلى قائلها ، نسأل الله تعالى التوفيق لذلك دائماً .

The people of knowledge and virtue never cease to ascribe points of benefits to its authors. We ask Allah, The Most High, for the ongoing success in that.


On A Side Note: This may also apply to translations, so therefore we should strive when posting translations of others to make it clear who the translator is and we should avoid cutting and pasting translations while not giving the credit to the translator.

Translated by

AbdulFattah bin Uthman
Abu Fajr