The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Shaykh Abdul Azeez Aal Ash-Shaykh, may Allah preserve him, said when speaking regarding the takfeeris:

“Verily many from those who possess this ideology (i.e. of takfeer) are ignoramus who have been deceived due to their small amount of knowledge and insight. And they accept these takfeeri ideologies from a group who have taken this methodology to establish their unclear agendas. So, they came with these ideologies in order that they deceive by it those who have little knowledge, understanding and insight. Therefore, they are not to be left to corrupt the religion of our youth. (This is because) the ideology of takfeer is an awful sin, while those behind it are those who want to bring harm to the ummah, (and) so they tread every path to fulfill their goals.”

The Source of Reference: Jareedatu Ukaadh, 776, of the year 1324/6/4 from the hijri calendar.

The matter is as a poet once said

الحق شمس و العيون نواظر*** لكنها تخفى على العميان

A Rough Translation:

“The truth is the sun while the eyes are for seeing *** However it (i.e. the sun) is hidden to the blind”