1. Remember that writing down knowledge is a virtuous act of worship if the person is sincere.
  2. Write one’s full name and Kunyah along with one’s contact information in case his notebook is lost.
  3. Make an index and headlines accordingly and write before a subject the word “bismillah”.
  4. Summarize lengthy points of benefits along with preserving the full version.
  5. Do not write in pencil unless the benefit will be rewritten in pen and preserved.
  6. Avoid highlighting words by underlining them as has been advised by the scholars.
  7. Avoid repetition in citing quotes and stories so as to save writing space.
  8. Do not give too much attention in beautifying your handwriting while missing what’s more important.
  9. Categorize topics and subjects in terms of importance.
  10. Avoid writing notes in the sun unless necessary
  11. Write in clear, medium-sized handwriting.
  12. Ascribe points of benefits to their founders along with the correct sources.
  13. Guard your notebooks as you guard your wealth.

Compiled by

AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr