Imam Ibn Qayyim rahimahullah said:

من عرف ربه اشتغل به عن هوى نفسه

“Whoever knows his Lord, he will be busy with Him instead of the desires of his soul.”

[al-Fawaaid pg. 57]

He also said:

الدنيا جيفة والأسد لا يقع علي الجيف

“The worldly life is a dead carcass and lions do not eat from a dead carcass.”

[al-Fawaaid pg. 51]

And he also said:

اشتر نفسك؛ فالسوق قائمة، والثمن موجود

“Buy yourself, for the market is established and the price is present.”

[al-Fawaaid pg.41]

He also said:

استوحش ممالا يدوم معك، واستأنس بمن لا يفارقك

“Be away from what does not last with you and accompany the one who will not leave you.”

[al-Fawaaid pg. 50]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan