The Al-Lajnah Ad-Daa’imah were asked,


“When a scholar is asked about a ruling regarding a particular matter, is it necessary for the one posing the question to request that the scholar present the evidence for his answer? Should one also question the correctness of the evidence that is provided or simply accept it? If one were to simply accept it, would he not then be considered a blind follower (and blind following is haram)?”


“If the one posing the question (to the scholar) is a student of knowledge who possesses a strong ability to understand the evidence that is brought forth, then he may ask the scholar for the evidence and discuss it [with him]. This is so that he can have a feeling of assurance and proper insight regarding the proof provided to him pertaining to the ruling [he has asked about]. Otherwise, one should suffice himself with the answer of the scholar.” End translation. [Question number 5 from fatwa number 6440]

Translated by

Mohammad Al-Akhras
Abu Sufyaan