Shaykh Abdul Ghani Al Umaree was asked:


I got married Alhamdullillah but before marriage I used to watch pornography whilst I was addicted to watching it. Now I fear I will return to that. Is it permissible for me to inform my wife so that she may help me in not watching it?


If you were to fear Allah how would you return to it? Allah has given you better in Halal and there is no need to inform your wife for indeed Allah has covered you, there is no need to inform her with this.

Ash Shaykh Husayn Al Hateebi said

قل له يستر نفسه ويتوب

Say to him conceal yourself [his sins] and repent

ويبتعد عن أسباب الانحراف

And that he distances himself from the means of deviation

Translated by

Majeed Jawed Al Afghanee
Abu Layl