Shaykh Muhaamad Al-Banna رحمه الله said in praise of Shaykh Majid Al-Mudarris:

… فهو من خيرة أهل السنة والجماعة الذين عرفتهم منذ أن كان عندنا في مكة -شرفها الله- و هو -والله- مِن أحب الناس إلى قلبي، وقد اطلعت كذلك على أبحاث علمية له تدل على سعة اطلاعه وصبره في البحث خصوصًا في علم الحديث الشريف، وكذلك دروسه تدل على رسوخه في عقيدة السلف الصالح على طريقة القدامى من أهل الحديث والسنة بعيدًا عن علم الكلام، ولقد سمعت له دروسًا في الدفاع عن السلفية هي أحسن ما يكون… *وأنصح إخواني وأبنائي في مصر أن يستفيدوا منه، ويتعلموا من دروسه… ،*

“He (Shaykh Majid) is among the best people of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah whom I have known since his stay with us in Makkah – may Allah honor it – and by Allah he is one of the most beloved people to my heart. I have also seen some of his knowledge-based researches which demonstrate his knowledge and patience in research, especially in the science of Hadeeth. Similarly, his classes indicate his firm understanding of the creed of the salaf, the way of the predecessors from Ahlul hadeeth and Ahlus Sunnah, far from ilmul kalam (theology/rhetoric). I also listened to his classes in defense of Salafiyyah, and they were as good as it gets… So I advise my brothers and children in Egypt to benefit from him and learn from his classes.” End translation.

He – may Allah have mercy on him – also said regarding him:

… ومنهم الأخ الفاضل بل الشيخ الحبيب/ ماجد بن محمد المدرس الأثري -زاده الله مجدًا على مجد- صاحب المؤلفات والدروس القوية في الدفاع عن السلفية، وكم سعدت بلقائه…

“…this includes the noble brother, rather, the learned beloved Shaykh Majid bin Muhammad al-Mudarris, the Athari (one who adheres to the way of the salaf) teacher, may Allah the Almighty add Glory to his Glory (Majid), author of beneficial works and classes in defense of Salafiyyah. How pleased indeed I was to meet him.”

Translated by

Muhammad Ba-Alawi
Abu Ishaaq