Al-Imam Muqbil, rahimahullah was asked the following question:

ما حكم الإسلام في قراءة الصحف والجرائد اليومية والمجلات وذلك لانتقاء الأخبار الإجتماعية منها والإسلامية والسياسية والثقافية لمعرفة ما يدور حولنا؟


What is the ruling of Islam on reading journals, daily newspapers, and magazines to select social news and Islamic news and political news and educational news from it, (and) in order to find out on what is going on around us?


الذي ننصح به هو الابتعاد عن هذا، لأن غالب هذه الصحف والمجلات تخدم السياسات فهي تكذب من أجل السياسة وهي تدجل من أجل السياسة,

“What we advise with is keeping far from this, because the majority of these newspapers and magazines are based to serve political agendas, whereas it would lie for politics and fabricate stuff for politics”

وقل أن تجد صحيفة أو مجلة تنقل الحقيقة, ثم بعد هذا العمر أقصر مدة ليس لدى الشخص وقت لكي يضيعه في هذه الجرائد والمجلات

“And it is rare to find a journal or magazine that reports the reality, plus one’s life span is the shortest timespan, (and as such) the person doesn’t have time to waste in these newspapers and magazines”

وهي أخبار يرى فيها ما يكدر خاطره, ويرى فيها ما يوجب عليه القلق, ربما يجد سب الإسلام وتنقص المسلمين إلى غير ذلك

“It is news reports which a person sees in it that which will pollute his mindset and he sees in it that which will necessitate him to become disturbed. Perhaps he finds therein an insult to Islam and a belittlement to the Muslims and other than that”

, وعلى كل فلسنا نحرم القراءة فيها ولكن ننصح طالب العلم أن يقبل على الكتاب والسنة, والأخبار المهمة ما تخفي نفسها

“In all cases, we aren’t making it haraam to read from it. However, we advise the student of knowledge to devote (his time more) to the Book and Sunnah while (one should know that by doing this), the important news reports won’t become hidden…”