If one misses the Eid Salaah, and wants to pray it the following day with the group who is praying that day, is this allowed


Yes he can, and he prays behind them with the intention of making up eid (which occurred on the previous day), while they (the other group) intend praying eid the present day.

Al-Imam Albany, rahimahullah, said:

الصواب تُقضي كما فاتت , هذه قاعدة فقهية أخذت من بعض المفردات من السنة النبوية

“The correct opinion is that it is to be made up for as it is this is fiqh principle which I extracted from some of the wordings of the hadeeths of the Prophet, alayhi salaatu wa salaam”

, والصلاة تُقضى كما فاتت , فصلاة العيد ركعتان فمن فاتته بعذر شرعي صلاها ركعتين كما يصليها الإمام

“The prayer is to be made up for as it is, (and know that) salaatu eid is two units (of prayer). So whosoever misses it due to a legislated excuse, then he is to pray it (again) as the imam would pray it”

, أما صلاة أربع زائد ولا نجد له ما يشهد له من السنة .

“As for praying four extra rakahs, (then) we can’t find that which attests to it from the sunnah”
[Silsilatul Huda wa Noor #376]

So, if he doesn’t get a chance to make it up in the morning of eid, then he prays along with those praying it the next day with the intention to make it up. And Allah knows best.

~ Abu Fajr AbdulFattaah bin Uthman