One of the poets said:

الموت كأس و كل الناس شاربه … و
القبر باب وكل الناس داخله

“Death is a cup and every person will drink from it,

The grave is a door and every person will enter it”

Another one said:

قل للذي صنع الدواء بكفه أترد مقدورا عليك قد جرى

“Say to the one who makes medicine with his hands // are you able to repel upon you something predestined which has passed”

مات المداوى والمداوي والذي
صنع الدواء بكفه ومن اشترى

“The one who gives medicine and takes it will die and the one/
Who makes the medicine with his hands and the one who buys it”

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl