(I reflect as I write this refutation)

Seeking reward from the Lord of all creation

(To my new muslims from western assimilation)

And those affected by their evil civilisation

(They want to compromise and join the congregation)

Leaning away from Allah’s perfect legislation

(Opposing plenty of the islamic convention)

Either due to doubts or due to bad intention

(I propose as I’m about to mention)

Some points deserving full contemplation

(As like our deen is in a serious recession)

Returning strange as comes in revelation

(Music videos and hits create a sensation)

And lead away from the qurans recitation

(And islam is in a serious abomination)

Due to our shortcomings and lack of supplication

(One minute their depicting deviation)

Imitating the kuffar, leading away from salvation

(Clear reference the shia of satan)

Calling upon ali and the shia for protection

(Qahtaani said that they are the worst of creation)

Their false beliefs will lead them to damnation

(A deviant group outside the muslim nation)

Nullifying their islam with the companions vilification

(Then cover girl is the present situation)

Exploiting the youth with fantasy and temptation

(For females who feel identification)

But their hearts still poisoned with westernisation

(But is it for a muslimah of this generation)

Who claims to love allah and the best of creation

(To dance on YouTube making gesticulation)

Read surah nuur and ponder it’s interpretation

(Hence my dear muslims be careful, attention)

Learn about islam and seek it’s implementation

(Warning from deen squad is an obligation)

And listening to music leads to devastation

(And for them I advise some serious reflection)

And my brothers with the sunnahs’ application

(Before they face Allah’s dreadful castigation)

Either his gardens or his heck and eternal tarnation

Written by

Musa Millington