Notes on ISIS:

  1. They read the Quran but they lack intellect and understanding as they take general unrestricted verses in every single situation, whether general or specific. And this is not proper according to the intellect or the Islamic legislation.
  2. They leave off evidences that don’t go according to their desires. Hence the Hadeeth about obedience to the Muslim rulers even if they are sinful and oppressive and the Hadeeths regarding sparing non-combatants from being killed are not recognized by them.
  3. They call everyone who opposes them Kuffar, Munafiqs and apostates.
  4. They can’t differentiate between Jihaad and murder/extortion.
  5. They misinterpret prophecy regarding the signs of the hour.
  6. They don’t differentiate between those who oppose the legislation due to himself and his desires and those who oppose the legislation and ascribe it to Allah.
  7. They claim that all the verses that order the Muslims to be just to the disbelievers are all abrogated.

There are many other points which would soon be brought out in detail.

Make sure to pass this message on and even read it to those who think that ISIS embodies Islam.

Brother Musa Millington