These are some benefits Allah has made easy for me to write down from the book “The Hadeeth Fatawas of Imam Muqbil”:

Regarding the narration “The differing of my nation is mercy”, Shaykh Muqbil said, “A chain is not found for it and it is not affirmed from the Prophet ﷺ

Regarding the hadeeth “Whoever learns the language of a people, then will be secure from their deception”,  Shaykh Muqbil said, “The researchers searched for this hadeeth and they found no origin for it. Even if its meaning is correct, it is not permissible for us that we attribute to the prophet ﷺ except that which is affirmed from him ﷺ”

Imam Muqbil said, “Indeed you find some of the Imams (of the masajid) while straightening the rows say, ‘Straighten the rows, for indeed Allah doesn’t look at the crooked row’ while this is not affirmed from the Prophet ﷺ and it is sufficient that it is said, ‘straighten the rows’ for the prophet ﷺ said,

‘make your rows straight or Allaah will create division among you’

Imam Muqbil said, “The hadeeth ‘Whoever says when he hears the Mu’athin say ‘I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’ then he spits on the nails of his thumbs, wipes his eyes with them, then says, ‘Welcome, my beloved and the pleasure of my eyes’, while claiming by this that he will not have sore eyes”, then imaam Muqbil said it is a fabricated practice

Note: In the footnotes of the book it is mentioned Al Allamah Mualamee said: “(Similar to) this a scholar doesn’t doubt in regards to its falseness”

Mentioned by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl