Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen was asked:


The female questionnaire asks, if Allah عز وجل honors me with a child I want to name him Karim, is this name prohibited or not?


I say to her and advise her [that] if Allah is to bless you with a child, to name him Abdullah or Abdurahman after agreement from the father as the statement of the prophet sallahu alleyhe wassallam:

“The most beloved names to Allah the Exalted are Abdullah, the servant of Allah, and Abdur Rahman, the servant of the Merciful”(Hadith Ibn Umar Sunan Abu Dawud).

And every believer loves what Allah عز وجل loves for him.

So, if these names are the most beloved to Allah, let Abdullah and Abdurahman be the names of her child if Allah تعالى wills. However, it is a must for verification from the husband as the husband is the foundation/origin for naming a baby.

With that [in mind], one should consult with the mother, i.e. the mother of the child, until there’s an agreement on the suggestions of names that’s desired if Allah wills.

[Fatawa Nur Ala Darb Sheikh Mohamed Saleh Al Uthaymeen Book of Aqeeqah Volume 8 page 382]

Translated by

Mahmood Shuhle
Abu Ammar