Shaykh Al Uthaymeen said (his explanation of the author’s text is in italics)

His statement “it is befitting for the one that eats with a group that he doesn’t raise his hands before them, until they are sufficed”

Especially if he is the head of the people, or owner of the house, he shouldn’t stand before them, because if you were to stand before them, they might stand out of shyness while they aren’t full. Thus, be the last person (to stop eating).

His statement “That he goes with his guest to the door of the house”

Meaning that is recommended and this is also is in accordance to the customs. If the guest sees that he is deserving of being accompanied to the door, then let it be. If not, then there is no need.

His statement “It is desired that you take hold of his mount”

That is: he comes upon a camel. Thus, he takes hold of his mount so that it be made easy (for him) to ride upon, and in this present time, he opens for him the door of his car.

End quote.

[Sharhul Mumtia Al Zaad Al Mustaqnia 12 / 377 – 378]

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl