The Lajnah ad-Daa’imah was asked the following question,

سمعنا بعض العلماء يقول : يجوز أن تتوضأ المرأة دون إزالة المناكير طلاء الأظافر فما رأيكم ؟


“We heard some scholars saying that it is permissible for a woman to perform Wudu’ (ablution) without removing nail polish. What is your opinion on this?”

الجواب*: إذا كان للطلاء جرم على سطح الأظافر فلا يجزئها الوضوء دون إزالته قبل الوضوء وإذا لم يكن له جرم أجزأها الوضوء كالحنّاء


“If the nail polish is impermeable, the Wudu’ will not be valid unless the nail polish is removed before performing Wudu’. If it is permeable, as is the case with henna, the Wudu’ will be valid. May Allah grant us success! May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions!” End quote. [Reference]

Most scholars deem nail polish has something that prevents the passage of water.

Mentioned by

AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr