Ash-Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-Uthaymeen, rahimahullah, said

الشيخ: كل شيء تؤجره لمحرم فأنت شريك صاحبه في الإثم، وهو حرام عليك، حتى تأجير المكان للحلاق الذي يحلق اللحية حرام؛

“Everything that you lease for something haram, then you are a partner to the person in doing the sin and it is haram upon you (just) like (it is for) the barber shop, that is, for shaving the beard”

لكن لو أجرته لحلاق على أنه يحلق الرءوس، ثم رأيته يحلق اللحى، فهذا الإثم عليه هو؛ لأن هناك فرقاً بين من استأجر الشيء ليعصي الله فيه وبين من استأجره، فعصى الله فيه. أفهمتم؟!

“However, if you were to lease it to a barber upon the understanding that he shaves hair from the head, (and) then you were to see him shaving the beard, here this sin is only upon him. (This is) because there is a difference between a person renting something to disobey Allah in and between a person renting it, (and) then were to disobey Allah in it. Do you understand?

… لو استأجره لغرض مباح، ثم باع الدخان فيه، أو رابَى فيه، فليس عليه منه شيء،

“If he were to rent it for something permissible, then were to sell cigarettes in it, or were to do usury transactions therein, then there is nothing upon him (i.e. the one giving the lease to him )…”

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~ Abu Fajr AbdulFattaah bin Uthman