Jinns may possess an individual due to one of the following three reasons:

  1. Occasionally, a Jinn may fall in love with a person and enter the individual so he could enjoy his company, and this type of possession is from the most gentle, merciful and easiest type of possession compared to the other types.
  2. Sometimes it could be due to harm inflicted upon the Jinn [by a human being] by perhaps urinating on them, pouring hot water over them or even perhaps killing some of them, or other types of harm. This type of possession is from the most difficult type and is the highest cause of death for the one being possessed.
  3. At other times, it could be simply from the angle of mockery and ridiculing the possessed, like some immature people among mankind may try to mock or ridicule some of the youth upon the correct path.

[Majmoo Al-Fatwaa 13/82]

Shaykh Zayd bin Muhammad Al-Madkhalee rahimahullah said:

“Therefore, hot water should not be poured either in the sewages or on the ground. This is because the earth is full of inhabitants and perhaps this hot water may pour on someone from the world of the Jinns or on some of their young ones and result in them seeking revenge by entering inside a person. So if a person wants to pour hot water, then let him first make it cold so that it does not harm anything and he may pour it [somewhere] whether it be in the sewage or anywhere else he wishes.

Translated by

Abu Aisha