It is not authentic from the Names of Allah on the correct opinion and the name الحليم al-Haleem, The Most Forbearing contains the meaning of patience as mentioned by Shaykh Abdurazaaq al-Badr hafidaho-Allah,

“From Allah’s forbearance is His patience with the great amount of sins from the Son of Adam…”

But we could generally refer to Allaah as being the patient one, not as a name for Him, but from the angle of الإخبار by generally mentioning how Allaah is. Similarly, how Ibnul Qayyim rahimahullah did in his nooniyyah poem:

وهو الصبور على أذى أعدائه … شتموه بل نسبوه للبهتان
قالوا له ولد وليس يعيدنا … شتما وتكذيبا من الإنسان
هذا وذاك بسمعه وبعلمه … لو شاء عاجلهم بكل هوان
لكن يعافيهم ويرزقهم وهم … يؤذونه بالشرك والكفران

Mentioned by

AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr