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The aforementioned quote in the picture is from the statement of Imam Muhammad bin Sireen, rahimahullah, who is a great scholar of the past. The following narration may further explain in shaa Allaah:

أنه دخل رجلان على محمد بن سيرين من أهل الأهواء فقالا: يا أبا بكر نحدثك بحديث. قال: لا، قالا: فنقرأ عليك آية من كتاب الله. قال: لا، قال: تقومان عني وإلا قمت، فقام الرجلان فخرجا، فقال بعض القوم: ما كان عليك أن يقرءا آية؟ قال: إني كرهت أن يقرءا آية فيحرفانها، فيقر ذلك في قلبي

“Two men from the people of desires entered upon the Imam Muhammad bin Sireen, rahimahullah, so they asked, “Can we inform you of a hadeeth?” So he [Ibn Sireen], rahimahullah, replied by saying, “No”. So, then they asked “can we read to you one ayah from the Book of Allah?”, so he replied by saying, “No”, Then he [Ibn Sireen], rahimahullah said, “Both of you can depart from me or else I will depart myself”. So they both got up and left. Then some of the people there asked, “What was the reason he couldn’t read to you one ayah?” So he [Ibn Sireen], rahimahullah, replied, “I fear that they read an ayah then falsely interpret it, which will eventually remain in my heart.” ”

So yes, from the way of those who cling to the way of the Sahaabahs and the scholars of the past is that we don’t give our ear to people who aren’t known to be reliable even if they may be speaking about an ayah from the Quran. And Allah knows best.

Mentioned and Translated by

AbdulFattaah bin Uthman
Abu Fajr