Sheikh Shamsu Deen Mohamed Ibnu Al Jazaree said:

1. The practical application of tajweed is without doubt compulsory****

whoever does not read the Quran correctly is a sinner

2. Because this Quran was revealed to us by Allah in this form****

and exactly like this (with tajweed) it reached us (from our prophet, then related in authentic chains over generations to our present day shuyookh and those with ijazaah)

3. And it (tajweed) is also a beautification of recitation****

and an adornment of pronunciation and reading

4. And it (tajweed) is giving each letter its required rights (حَقُّ الحر ف)****

of each and every characteristic as well as (giving each letter its) presented rights (or dues) (ِمُسْتَحَقّ الحرْ ف)****

5. To take every one (of the letters) back to its origin (example: place of articulation)****

and to pronounce the equivalent letter in the same way (as you would pronounce that letter)

6. Complete (with all its characteristics) yet without any exaggeration****

being gentle in pronunciation without any abuse.

7. There exists nothing between (applying the التجْوِيد) and leaving it****

except for a person to exercise (correctly) with his jaws

Mentioned by

Ali Ahmed